How to

Javadoc Themer basically was written for android based projects hence the below steps (1-3 and 5) are for IntelliJ/Android Studio IDE, but if you use a terminal then skip over to step 4 and just provide the stylesheet as a commandline argument to generate the javadoc with the new stylesheet.

Step 1

Well,basically write javadoc style comments in your java source code.

Step 2

Goto Tools > Generate Javadoc

Step 3

Setup a destination/output directory

Step 4

Provide the required commandline arguments

 -encoding UTF-8 -docencoding utf-8 -charset utf-8 -stylesheetfile <location_of_generated_stylesheet>/javadoc_stylesheet.css 
Note: Replace <location_of_generated_stylesheet> with the correct path

Step 5

And thats all, just hit Ok and you get the newly generated javadoc.

Checkout the difference..